The Young Monarchists

On 13 December, The Honourable David Onley, on behalf of the Queen attended “A Celebration of the Remarkable Life of Nelson Mandela” at the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall.

Watch an archived video of the entire ceremony here.

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The Monarchist League of Canada is a group of your friends and neighbours from across the country, united in their interest in and loyalty towards Canada’s constitutional monarchy. As an inclusive and outward-looking organization, the League is strengthened by the diverse backgrounds and experiences of its members, and is able to project its message nationally in a contemporary manner owing to its credibility and high visibility in the Canadian media. The Young Monarchists are a lively group of high school, college and university students, along with some working young adults under age 25, who share ideas and opinions electronically. Many participate in activities in their local branches and communities, and all are committed to making the Canadian Crown inclusive, understood and fun!
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